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1st June 2020

Small things, big difference – inspirational booklet

We have partnered with our sister blood cancer charities and the pharmaceutical company Abbvie to produce a collection of inspiring and encouraging quotations from patients. You can download the booklet here.

Small Things Big Difference is a booklet bringing together a collection of carefully selected insights, practical tips and wisdom from members of (CLL) community.

It’s the small things that make a big difference to the everyday lives of those living with CLL, from those recently diagnosed, to those who have been living with the condition for decades.

Developed in collaboration with Blood Cancer UK, Leukaemia Care, Lymphoma Action, CLL Support and AbbVie, Small Things Big Difference covers topics including self-empowerment when dealing with the unknown, coping with emotions, and practical tips from those who have reflected on their experience of a CLL diagnosis.