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What we do

Free, friendly and informative conferences for members

We hold regular meetings around the UK where patients and their supporters can meet other patients and hear about the latest developments in CLL treatment from the top clinical experts in the country. These conferences are free to members. During the Covid-19 crisis, we replaced our conferences with free video talks from clinical experts, and these interesting talks are available by clicking on ‘Webinar & Conference Videos‘. Conferences are now back to normal, and details can be found in ‘Webinar & Conference Schedule

A very active on-line forum:

At healthunlocked you will find friendly support and advice from other CLL patients and learn about their experiences. There is also an excellent archive of CLL information.            

Campaigning and advocacy

This is a major part of our activities.

We speak on behalf of CLL patients to government bodies including the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) to ensure that new treatments are available. We join with other charities to campaign for the recognition of leukaemia to be as important as other cancers for funding and research.

Regular newsletters

We send a regular and informative email newsletter to members giving updates on our activities and also patient stories.


We produce informative booklets for newly diagnosed patients and various leaflets to help patients understand their condition.

Signposting to other sources of help

Being diagnosed with CLL can be a shock, and there are bound to be lots of questions. We aim to answer as many of those questions as possible, but we can also point patients to other sources of information.

A helpline: 0800 977 4396

Please note that we operate an answerphone message system and aim to call you back within 48 hours. Our helpline is staffed by volunteers, all of whom have personal experience of CLL either as patients or as partners of patients. If you feel you need medical advice, please contact your medical team.

Annual Report 2020 – 2022

Our annual report gives details of our activities throughout the year, together with our objectives for the forthcoming twelve months.

Our plans for 2024 can be found here.

Accessibility Statement

Statement explaining how we are developing the website to achieve greater accessibility for everyone.