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1st October 2021

NHS Covid antibody survey

Can you help?

The NHS has launched a national COVID Cancer Antibody Survey to assess antibody responses to the COVID-19 vaccines among cancer patients, including blood cancer patients, and is asking cancer patients to sign up now.

Currently, there are certain restrictions:

If you live in England and either, have been diagnosed with cancer in the last year, or are having cancer treatment, you can enrol to participate.

The purpose of the survey

The COVID Cancer Antibody Survey is one of the first surveys of its kind and will help the NHS to understand what protection people with cancer develop following COVID-19 infection and/or vaccination.

It will also help the NHS understand if and how antibody response differs between different cancer types and whether any particular treatments affect response to vaccination.

This is a way to find out your antibody level and help the NHS to better understand the level of protection in cancer patients by signing up to the survey below.

Please note that, regardless of your employment status, you do qualify for an antibody test.
Once you have completed registration on you will be directed to the government website. Enter your employment status when requested and click ‘continue’ – you will be able to book your test.

If you have questions about the survey, you can contact us by emailing: