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Prof Chris Fegan chairs a discussion on living well with CLL

6th April 2022

Our latest webinar with Prof Adrian Bloor: End of the pandemic. Living with Covid and CLL/SLL as the new normal

28th January 2022

CLL, exercise and nutrition webinar

24th November 2021

CLL Therapy in Scotland webinar - October 2021

8th October 2021

Dr Renata Walewska, Chair of the UK CLL Forum - 2 July 2021

13th July 2021

First joint webinar with CLL Ireland - 31 May 2021

14th June 2021

CLL and autoimmune problems with Dr. Helen Marr - 20 May 21

27th May 2021

Dr Allsup and Professor Allan discuss new research - 22 April 21

4th May 2021

Prof Hillmen discusses the FLAIR and STATIC trials - 18 March 21

22nd March 2021