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2nd November 2020

New Covid-19 restrictions announced for England

The UK Government has announced a new lockdown with national restrictions effective from midnight on 4 November.

Please note that there are different rules for each of the devolved nations, details of which can be found below.


This is a summary of the restrictions. More details can be found below:

What you can and cannot do:

Please bear in mind that these are rules for the general population. CLL patients and their families will need to assess their own level of risk according to their own vulnerability.

We strongly suggest that patients contact their medical support team to try to determine their own level of risk, which will vary from patient to patient.

All CLL patients are now advised to shield. You can find the UK Government advice for England here.

The following is a summary of some of the key points that may affect CLL patients. For more detailed information, please refer to the government website.

Meeting friends and family

  • Adults are allowed to meet one other person they do not live with in public outdoor places.
  • Meeting in private gardens is not allowed.
  • You cannot meet in groups outside.
  • Single adult households who have support bubbles with another household may meet indoors, but other family members and friends cannot visit one another inside homes.

Medical appointments

You may attend medical appointments, although individual trusts may make separate decisions according to the level of virus in the area and their ability to create a safe environment. Please check with your health care team.


  • You are allowed to exercise outdoors for as long and as often as you like.
  • You can meet up with one other person to do so.
  • There does not appear to be any restriction on travelling to exercise.


  • Anyone who can work from home should do so.
  • Key workers, including those working in education should continue to work.
  • Construction and manufacturing will not be closed down


  • You cannot travel for tourism or leisure.
  • You may not travel to a second home.
  • Package holidays booked after Thursday will be cancelled.

Current restrictions in other countries:


A two-week lockdown came into force on 23 October. This is due to be reviewed on 6 November, and details may be announced earlier. You can find the latest information here.


Scotland has introduced a five-tier system which varies from region to region. It is important, therefore, to check which tier your region is officially under. You can find out more here.

Northern Ireland

New regulations came into force on 16 October for a period of four weeks. They are due to be reviewed on or before 13 November. These regulations differ from other regions and details can be found here.