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24th January 2022

Latest Covid news and information

England is to remove its “Plan B” Covid restrictions from 27 January

Rules are also being eased in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. A good summary of the rule changes, which is kept up to date, can be found here.

We believe these changes are too soon for the safety of immunocompromised people, and we are making representations, along with other charities, to the government and the media. We urge all CLL patients to carry on with wearing masks, handwashing and social distancing wherever possible. Also, ensure that you have your fourth vaccination.

Treatments for Covid -19

Many CLL patients and their families are concerned about the risk of severe illness if they catch COVID-19, and how they can access treatment. There is much confusion about whether CLL patients qualify for treatment and what they should do to get it. We have set out our understanding of the developments in the treatment of COVID-19 and how they can be used to treat CLL patients. You can find it here.

Although treatments for COVID-19 continue to improve all the time, we encourage everyone to continue to take precautions to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19, such as being fully vaccinated. This currently means having had four vaccinations for patients. People you come into contact with should also be fully vaccinated. Also, it is still important to observe mask-wearing, handwashing and social distancing to minimise contact with the virus.