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1st June 2020

Government statement on Covid-19

The government has issued new guidance relating to the vulnerable section of the population who, until now, have been urged to shield.

What does this mean for CLL patients?

  • The change means that people will be able to go out with members of their household.
  • Those living alone can meet with someone from another household while maintaining social distancing.
  • Support for those shielding, such as food and medicine deliveries, will continue.

Who should be shielding?

Shielding advice in Northern Ireland and Scotland has not yet changed.

CLL patients fall into the vulnerable category, at whatever stage since diagnosis. This includes ‘watch and wait’.

In England, those shielding will be advised that they can go outside once a day, with their household or to meet one other person at a two-metre distance.

In Wales, outdoor exercise for people shielding will be unlimited.

Those shielding should not go out to work, to shop or visit friends in their homes.

There will be natural anxiety about this advice amongst patients who have avoided going out for many weeks. However, if the above precautions are followed, and if, in addition, handwashing and social distancing are rigorously observed, then the chances of becoming infected will be minimised.

This is a first step towards getting back to some form of normality, and it is of necessity restricted at this stage. The advice must remain to take extreme care and follow the guidelines, particularly regarding hygiene and social distancing.